Hi, I'm Eva.

I'm a UX and service designer with over 5 years of experience in the software industry. At the moment of writing I work at Tuxera, a Finnish software company that develops file systems and other embedded software solutions.

At Tuxera I develop, maintain, and find new ways to use our digital marketing touchpoints (website, social media), and I am also in charge of building a service design strategy to help the company be more user-centered. My interests are in user experience design and user research, concept development, and prototyping.

In my spare time I enjoy building things and contributing to projects I believe in, usually related to open communities or education. I'm also one of the lead organizers of the Finnish Android Association (now Google Developers Group Helsinki), one of the largest communities of mobile developers in the Nordic countries.


Thanks for visiting my website.

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Do you want to get something built? Work on some idea together? Let me know!

Other ways for getting in touch are at the bottom of the page; personal email and Twitter usually work best.

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